Who ARE WE?!


Our names are Kitty and Justice Rae (Justy Bae for short) and we're a proud mama and daughter duo who started this shop last year, in the height of the pandemic! True story, we actually owned a FOOD TRUCK in the beginning of 2020 and who the heck could have predicted that a global pandemic might sweep in and wipe out all the foot traffic in Miami? We most definitely did not see THAT coming  😩 BUT through the Grace of God, we were able to sell our truck and start up this amazing store that's completely transformed our lives!
The idea for Justybae.com actually came to me because I would get a MILLION questions about where I bought Justy's outfits from whenever I posted her on my instagram stories. It almost became stressful trying to remember all the places I bought her clothes from so then I thought I might be able to find these clothes in bulk with my resale license (that wasn't being used) and start up a little side business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Turned out, I could! Many many many long nights later (107 nights to be exact) I almost had a panic attack the night before my store went live. I'll never forget that night. I'd stayed up until 5 AM tweaking the website and obsessively checking my inventory. I had NO friggin clue what to expect and I thought I was insane for even investing this much time, effort and money into something that was totally new to me. My heart felt like it was pounding straight out of my chest so much that I eventually had to just let it go and pray for the best. A few hours later, we went live AND WE ALMOST SOLD OUT!
Needless to say, it's been a wild ride trying to get ahead of the growth of this store but we couldn't be more thankful! This store has allowed me the ability to reach waaay beyond my limits, run a team again, give back to the world, AND grow a business through bonding with my daughter! I'm just so in awe of it all.
ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, we want to bring you the shopping experience I always wanted when I would shop for Justice before launching justybae.com. We take pride in private labeling all of our garments because we stand by their quality. We customize and manufacture some of our clothes in house and others are bought wholesale and then private labeled so you know who to call if you have any issues at all! We ship all of our orders out within 1-2 days and you can expect a pretty package with a JB sticker on top on your doorstep within a week. Our goal is to literally deliver the best possible customer service in the game, some super fast shipping and the cutest clothes EVER so you can brag about us to all your friends and we can deck out all your cuties in our gear. Maybe we can deck them out in our gear till they go off to college! Okay I went too far 😂.                                                       
But seriously thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being here. We love you and we're so excited to meet you. Feel free to shoot us your feedback, comments or concerns at info@justybae.com and one of our team members will get back to you within a few hours! Love, light and abundance to you and HAPPY SHOPPING!
Kitty and Justy  (mainly Kitty)